Fireflies and Planting Rice

After a morning trip up to

Oita, we came back and worked a bit on the kura. We had a visit from a landscape architect Eiki Danzuka of Earthscape in Tokyo. He is from Saiki and is working on some ideas for the central downtown area here. Most of the shops in the center part of town are closed and there is an interest in revitalizing the area to attract more people.
Danzuka came to visit us with his brother who is a musician and they told us about a firefly festival in a small town just west of here.Since Jiro had already made plans to meet up with some old friends, I decided to go check it out. It was amazing to see thousands of fireflies with a collective, pulsing glow over a river. I associate Japan and fireflies with the very sad movie “Grave of the Fireflies“, and this trip was a good way to create a new association…..

The drive out there was on a very narrow windy road through some of the most beautiful countryside I’ve ever seen. The trick is remembering to stay left as the steering wheel is on the opposite side.I will be heading out there soon again to explore some more. Left, left, left….

Scenes from the Firefly Festival (ひたるまつり)

This morning we woke up early to help Jiro’s aunt and uncle plant rice. I am so glad there were no leeches on my legs when I finished. The best part was the sushi lunch at the end.

It’s been a busy weekend. Tomorrow back to work.

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