Too much at once

Fukuoka Tower
Fukuoka Tower

We took Kai and Nina up to Fukuoaka this weekend to send them both back to the States. It was a hard goodbye. Having Nina here all summer really helped me a lot. I think I spent more time with her these past two months than I had the previous two years. Kai was here for a little over a week, and it was great all being together again….I will miss having them around. While they were here we ae a lot of great food and they got out to see quite a bit.

At Toriyoshi yakitori shop YUM!
At Toriyoshi yakitori shop YUM!

After I finished teaching today (3 classes each of 3rd and 6th grades) , I checked my cell phone and got the horrible news that there was a major plumbing disaster at our Portland house and there is serious water damage. Kai is on his way home and will have to deal with it as soon as he gets back. It is tough being so far away. Hopefully we can get it all taken care of from over here.

The days are getting cooler and I can sleep without the fan running. Our space is so close to being done….pictures soon.

As soon as I recover from the latest craziness, I promise a more thoughtful blog entry.

Typhoon #13 (numbers rather than names) is coming this way…should hit around Friday. It was pretty big but it has decreased in size. It is moving VERY slowly.

2 thoughts on “Too much at once

  1. Nono September 17, 2008 / 9:32 pm

    I love family pictures. How do kids manage to look so much like both parents who look nothing alike?

  2. kelsey September 20, 2008 / 5:55 pm

    Oh Kate, I’m so sorry about the plumbing stuff. That must really stress you out when you’re not there to deal with it. On another note, you have an exceptionally beautiful family. I really like checking up on your goings on via this blog, thanks for keeping us up to speed on the West coast!

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