end of summer and headed to oregon

Banjyo River at Dusk

I’ve been avoiding writing…not sure why but I do intend to keep this blog alive. This is just a short post to get it going again. Summer has been hotter and longer than usual this year. We made it through another year without air conditioning, and I don’t feel as uncomfortable as in previous years.Tomorrow morning I am heading to Oregon for about three weeks- will see family & friends and recharge my batteries.

Kayaking on the Banjyo up in Honjyo- kayak belongs to friends. Plan to purchase one soon.

Lots of pictures, little text.  Didn’t get out as much as I would have liked, but I kept pretty active walking, practicing tai chi and started  a pilates class.  I ride my bicycle when it’s not too hot, and weed whacking is pretty strenuous.

My garden fizzled out at the end of July, but we did get lots of peppers, okra and basil. The tomatoes succumbed to a some virus.

Sunflowers from our garden

Summer wouldn’t be summer without fireworks – Jiro and I rode our bikes and avoided the traffic. He worked super hard this summer- up at 4:15 to go work in the mountains doing forest maintenance before the heat set in-home at noon. He always goes to the local baths and then after a nap- he worked on his bamboo. His fall show at William Traver in Tacoma will open October 16th.

I have a few English conversation classes and ran a usability test for a language learning website. It looks like I’ll be picking up a couple company classes and I’ve started to accept some translation work. I also am teaching in three elementary schools which I really enjoy. I try to study kanji an hour a day, and continue to make steady progress. I’m also doing some consulting and am keeping busy.

Blue Heron in rice field

I feel fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, but still struggle with loneliness and isolation. I’ve made some friends, but I really miss being in a working environment and participating in conversations about education, technology, and sharing good ideas. I have started reading more-just finished The Zahir by Paulo Coelho. I want to read more by him. I joined Bookmooch and have exchanged books with people all over the world. I am seriously considering a Kindle- mainly for the convenience and ease of accessing books.

Jiro and I went with some friends to the beach yesterday. Great way to end the summer. Beautiful day on a beautiful beach. Hardly anyone else and no jellyfish yet.

Hatozu beach at the end of August

Okay, I finally posted again…will try to write more frequently.

Will be back in Oregon Friday at noon. I leave Fukuoka on Friday at 1:00. A long Friday…truly back to the future. Hoping for fresh fruit, corn on the cob, southeast Asian food, microbrews and salmon.

One thought on “end of summer and headed to oregon

  1. Susan August 26, 2010 / 2:23 pm

    Thanks for the stunning visual images of your summer and for the update on your activities. Here in Oregon, we are anticipating your arrival with great delight! (We’ll help you with your hankering for microbrews!)

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