Breaking loose from the doldrums


Winter sky- taken at the top of Shiroyama

Warning: this blog post contains a bit of navel-gazing…. The doldrums hit hard this winter, lots of contributing factors-but with the start of the new year, life is feeling less intense.  I am getting out more even though we have had record-breaking low temperatures.  The surrounding area is so incredibly beautiful- the perfect remedy  for spirit-lifting. I am waiting for warmer weather to get out in the kayak, but in the meantime I’m taking short hikes and riding my bike.

In an attempt to realize some goals, I decided to set up a schedule for myself. I found that I was spending too much time every day taking care of anything that presented itself and I wasn’t making much progress on any projects. Too many loads of laundry, dishes washed 5 times a day, checking fb way too much, lots of organizing shelves and drawers….I am so easily distracted and without a schedule- I was wasting a lot of time.

Daikon drying- whole daikon for pickles, slices for dried daikon

I already feel a difference with some structure to my week. I have to teach on Fridays and Saturdays, so I set up something for each of the other days. I also have started studying kanji more intensively and I think I will take the Japanese Language Proficiency Exam in December. I also signed up for a Flickr 365 project (access from the photos on the right side of the blog), and hope that will help me work on improving my photography skills. I am still going to Tai Chi and have now started a stretching class. I started baking again and I will try to write more letters and blog posts.

Today’s adventure was a macrobiotic lunch buffet out at the coast- I went with a young friend from Singapore and feasted on huge meal of all sorts of vegetarian dishes. One food that I hadn’t tried before was okara konnyaku which is used as a meat substitute– it was really good prepared with ginger and soy sauce. I am definitely going to try to make this. We decided to take the long, scenic route back to town, it’s a narrow, windy road that follows the coast. Because I used to work at all the outlying schools, I am familiar with a lot of the less-traveled roads. We stopped by a coastal shrine that I    hadn’t seen before and were back in town before 5:00.

Macrobiotic lunch-first of three servings

Next weekend I am headed to Mt. Kuju for a drive with friends- although I kinda want to go down to Miyazaki to see the volcano eruption. Maybe in a few weeks.

This week I am teaching several elementary school classes. I finished Suite Francaise yesterday and just started M.C. Higgins the Great. We watched all the Star Wars movies this month and are scheming about what to watch next. Any suggestions?

One thought on “Breaking loose from the doldrums

  1. Susan January 31, 2011 / 12:13 am

    Which part, exactly, is the navel-gazing? I think I missed it. Sounds like you’ve done a wonderful job of setting up your schedule and keeping adventure & beauty in your life!

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