Checking in

Directional sign in downtown Portland

It’s been almost two weeks since I arrived. I am having fun, eating too much, meeting with old friends and family. I also have taken care of paperwork related to living outside the country and have run lots of errands.

The weather has been great, but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Tuesday (it’s still Sunday here). Most public schools start on Tuesday so families are enjoying the last weekend of summer.

On a hike with my sisters

I landed in Seattle and stayed for a couple of days with my parents. Then I came down to Portland, Oregon to take care of “business” and to meet up with old friends. I’m leaving on Tuesday to go to Southern California to visit my brother and his family and next Saturday I’ll finally see our kids in San Francisco. I can’t wait. 

I’ve wanted to write, but I haven’t had much free time. I will write again in the next few days. 

I hope everyone is doing well. Have you been meeting with your classes? What have you done? How has the weather been?

Will write soon. I do miss Saiki and all of you.

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